About Us

Arco Nut And Candy was established in 1933 by a lady name Betty. She was the first walnut sheller in the riverside area. She started out of the back of her car and then got a little house on Polk and magnolia where she continued to she'll walnuts and had a couple different kinds of candies to choose from her husband built a machine that would help the women separate the different grades of walnuts from the lights,darks,pieces and halves.

She ran the business for a long time and then moved to our location now and continued to run the business as she got older she retired and sold to a lady name Lisa. She ran the business for over 20 yrs and would do fundraiser which we still do today. Then she sold to my grandpa which he new the original owner and used to buy his pistachios from her and then from Lisa. And after a conversation he bought the business and my mom and I have been running it for 6 yrs now. We have added alot more candies and nuts to the store and have more things for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties and so on. Whatever gifts you need we have it or can get it in for a special order.