Arco Nut And Candy was established in 1933 by Betty Lovell. She was the first walnut sheller in the Riverside area. She started out of the back of her car . After a few years she bought a little house on Polk and Magnolia where she continued to shell walnuts and had a couple different kinds of candies to choose from.  
Betty ran the business out of the house for several years and then moved to our current location .  As she got older she retired and sold Arco Nut and Candy to a lady name Lisa. Lisa ran the business for over 20 years.
In 2008 Lisa sold Arco Nut and Candy to our Grandfather Hugo Reynolds. Hugo passed away in 2009 and we have continued with our Grandfathers dream of providing the best raw nuts and  candies in the Riverside Area.

  Over the years we have added many items to help our clients with Planning their Big Day!!! We have a huge assortment of Bulk  Candy for Weddings to make your Candy Table something your guest will talk about for years.
We can also help you with your  Fundraisers. So if you need to raise money for your Fundraiser for your Schools and Colleges or Sports Teams give us a call, we can help with pre packaged candies and chocolates or provide you with the bulk candy to put your own bags together.

 Whatever gifts you need we have it or can get it in for a special order.